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Why would one require an i, am ID card ?

To explain this in simple terms, we need to start from the beginning.


the beginning, the Creator/God made man.
It would be hard to find anyone who would disagree with the fact that the created cannot be greater than the Creator.
Man then creates Government to deal with certain needs of man.
The Government then creates rules and regulations, statutes and legislation. These only apply to Government; that is Government employees and public servants. These public servants have no Rights, only duties, obligations and responsibilities while acting in the capacity of servant.

Simple enough I hear you say; but the most powerful creation of Government to date is the Citizen. For when you believe your status to be that of citizen, and not man, you have no Rights; only duties, obligations and responsibilities.
Remember, the created can never be greater than the Creator. Working for the Government is fine, but when you get home you are man, woman, son, daughter, dad, mother and friend.

So what do we know? We know that the commonwealth is an implied consent jurisdiction.
The UK plc is a corporation, part of the commonwealth group of companies.
Should you wish to be a GOVERNMENT employee from time to time that’s fine; but the i,am ID card is for the times that you do not wish to leave your Natural jurisdiction of man, your true status.


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